Watch Report — November 16

Watch Focus: Thanksgiving

Give Thanks!


In everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. (1 Th 5:18 NKJV)

We welcomed the Presence of the Lord by the lighting of the Shabbat candles.

Watch Leader: The river is rising. Let the waters flow down from above. A river of praise and thanksgiving.

Prophetic Act: Watch participants “danced and played in the river” while declaring their thanks. Giving thanks for the miracles before they have come.

Watchman: The drought is over. Reservoirs are being filled with water overflowing. The cracked, dry ground is being watered and springing forth with life.

Watchmen: I am thankful for God’s goodness and love. I am thankful that in the darkest places I have light. I am thankful for the revelation that Christ lives in me; the Hope of glory, King of kings and Lord of lords. I am thankful that I have eternal life and in death there is no fear. I am thankful for His love and that He is showing me my destiny and purpose. I am filled with His Spirit. I am thankful for the pastors. I am thankful for the next Great Awakening.

Message: Bonnie Chavda & Guests

Bonnie: Four families have experienced the Lion of Judah within the last couple of months. They had encounters through deliverance, visions and dreams. Jesus is really real! We are here for an encounter tonight. We come for unity in prayer.  Prayer is more.

We know about a pact with Syria, Russia and Egypt. We pray the hornets of God would arise to push back the terror. The Lord will arise to defend His people. We have some esteemed gatekeepers. I want to invite you if you have an expectation. Drink from the river.

Guest (Robin McMillan): I have on my phone from 2008 a Taylor made healing. The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. You can use your hand to reach into heaven. Taylor made healing. I recall Taylor Caldwell’s book Great Lion of God. We call her well. This was for a healing that needed to take place and this is how the Lord spoke.

In 2005, I had a prophetic experience. When you go to a funeral, people don’t get the kind of comfort they want. God is a present help in times of trouble. There is a river… God manifests through a river.

Prophetic number 11:11. This reminds me of the twenty-two year history with Joseph when he was sold into slavery and then revealed himself to his brothers. He had two sons, Manasseh (forgetting) and Ephraim (fruitfulness).  Jacob crossed his hands when he blessed them and the younger got a double portion blessing through the cross given sovereign by God.

On November 11, 2005, I was given a PDA, Personal Digital Assistant aka Public Display of Affection. The calendar reverted to 1904. I thought my phone was broke. I manually tried to fix it, but it reverted back to 1904. I did it a second time and it stayed.

The future is looking like our past. The next day, I looked at my change on hand. I had two pennies. Abraham Lincoln, on one side of the coin, who told the slaves they were free. He announced liberty to the captives. On the other side of the coin is wheat, 1947 and 1951. PDA back to the future of 1904, 1947 and 1951. Revival is all combined. We are going to see a greater amount of blessing.

I went to the movies to see Lincoln. What if the significance of the pennies and dates took seven years from the date I had them. One Cent, Sent? Lincoln sent. .. Wheat harvest… What if the Great Awakening in the future, Lincoln pennies and Lincoln movie coincided, coin sided? Coincide has no death in it. If you look at the other words that have the suffix “cide” death is there; homicide, suicide, pesticide etc…

Tonight we release the fullness of the outpouring in the same year the Lincoln movie was released. Let the public display of affection be released. Connect, oh heaven, with earth and release kindness, mercy and fullness of God. Your Kingdom come, Your will be done! 

Guest (Pastor Scott): I have a prayer request that Bonnie would pray for a four month old born deformed. I do believe the Lord wants to heal. He is a warrior.

Guest (Mr. Franklin): God is very good. Thankfulness, miracles and deliverance. I want to challenge us all not to give up on miracles and deliverance. My wife and I believed God for thirty-four years. We’ve had difficult situations. I wanted out when life wasn’t looking good, but God did not let go. In 1985 God did a miracle and brought healing to a situation. God convicted me. I said I’d go anywhere, even stay in the situation I was in at work. Ninety days after that I was terminated. My resume had circulated but nothing happened. God wasn’t done with me.

Mahesh and Bonnie came to my church and our son was suffering from an illness. God performed a miracle. In another instance, Mahesh and Bonnie came to our house for dinner and another son was married, but they were having difficulty conceiving. Mahesh prayed for them and they conceived that February. God has seen us through many difficult times.

My son felt God calling him to missions. Seven years later he married. They conceived a baby but lost it. We called Mahesh and Bonnie. We believed the baby would be raised from the dead. God didn’t bring him back to life, but we had faith. Beyond that time they had another baby and all is well.

Bonnie: Feel the love. You are in His hands in every way. His Presence is here. The Kingdom is at hand. Taylor made healing. Taylor called well!

I’m in personal revival. This is a time of deliverance. The Lord worked some inner healing and deliverance for me. I’d never been prayed for in relation to inner healing and the Lord told me we’re on a journey. Fruit is ripening. It’s His time for deliverance and healing. It’s time to deal with your broken heart. I knew it was layers of stuff. It will change you personally. You are not that negative person. There is a river that makes glad….

I was led through where I confessed and renounced. I took off grave clothes. It was self-image stuff. I was tired of being ugly. It was supernatural. Forty years of these points of low places in my soul. That time had come. It manifested real demonstration. I was experiencing deliverance for two following days.

Guest (Robin): The Lord is healing female conditions. Tubal pregnancy there is healing and the curse is broken.

Prophetic Words/Visions

  • Vision: Saw the River of God in front of sanctuary, and everyone splashing in the river releasing their miracles.


Healing from stage three cancer when there was no cure. Mahesh called out my name. He said the cancer would leave. I am cancer-free.

I had tenderness and pain in my thyroid, and an ultrasound showed two lumps. I received prayer at the altar. I had a biopsy done and they found the lumps to be benign. I am so thankful!

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