The Watch of the Lord™

The Watch of the Lord™ is a global prayer network begun in 1995 in response to the Lord asking us to "Watch with Me."

In January of 1995 we invited about twenty people to spend the following Friday from 10:00pm until 6:00am on Saturday keeping the "night watch," fasting sleep for spiritual reasons.

We gathered to wait on God in worship and prayer and share in communion through Jesus' body and blood in the Lord's Supper. Every Friday since we have done the same. We have celebrated the watch with as many as a thousand watchmen present. And now there are many watches throughout the United States and abroad. We find ourselves in the midst of a renewed visitation that is manifesting the glory of the Lord!

The sure promise of God through Scripture is this: "IF YOU PRAY, I WILL ANSWER." The delivering power of God which came to Israel was through the blood and flesh of the slain lamb! All Israel who looked for deliverance through the lamb that was slain watch all night after partaking of the Passover meal. In Luke 6:12 we find that it was Jesus' habit to SPEND ALL NIGHT in prayer to God. It was out of this lifestyle that He asked His slumbering disciples, "Could you not watch with Me even ONE HOUR?"

Today we look to the same deliverer, Jesus Christ the Lamb that was Slain before the foundations of the world. We answer His call to WATCH AND PRAY, and we are seeing Him come to deliver.

The commission and call of every Christian is to be fully awake as prophetic watchmen in this hour. Like Ezekiel of old who stood before a valley of dry bones, when God asked His watchman, “Can these bones live?” he replied, “O Lord, only you know.” God revealed His will to His watchman, and then said, “Prophesy!’”

This is our place as His watchmen–spiritual people who will give voice to God’s will in our prayer, intercession and proclamation in this hour.

Join us and take your place on the wall in keeping the Watch of the Lord™ for deliverance and revival for the people and nations around the world. You may join us live at our Watch Headquarters in Charlotte, NC or online via our live streaming webcast every Friday night at 7:30 PM (EST). 

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